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Statement Regarding BGI’s subsidiaries being added to US’s Entity List

December 25, 2020

Statement Regarding BGI’s subsidiaries being added to US’s Entity List

On 20th July US Eastern time, The US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued updates to the Entity List, which includes two of BGI Group’s subsidiaries: Beijing Liuhe BGI and Xinjiang Silk Road BGI.

Beijing Liuhe BGI provides commercial Sanger sequencing services for researchers and scientists conducting basic scientific research related to disease. None of this work includes personally identifiable information or violations of privacy or human rights. There is no basis for inclusion on the list of entities or for how its services or products could be used with respect to the allegations made.

The “Xinjiang Silk Road BGI” subsidiary mentioned was established in November 2016 and has not carried out any actual business so far. It was formed for local business development, but the business did not move forward and the company is not operating.

The specific reasons for being included in the Entity List have not yet been properly communicated and BGI is currently analyzing and evaluating the potential impacts of this decision.

BGI is driven by technological innovation, focused on precision medical research and reducing the impact and harm of major diseases on humans. The company strictly abides by all international business practices and laws and regulations, conducts business operations in compliance with regulations on a global scale, and is committed to making positive contributions to public health in various countries and regions.

BGI will respond to this matter professionally and will work openly and transparently with all relevant parties in response to this decision. BGI is confident that it can continue to protect the interests of its customers, partners, investors and employees to the maximum.